Samuel Lynne Galleries 2023 Scholarship



Amount: $1,000

Time Required: 30-60 minutes.

Eligibility: Be currently enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college.


Deadline: December 5th, 2023.




Application  Process:

Make a 1 minute video (can record with your phone).


Upload the video to YouTube as: "Samuel Lynne Galleries Scholarship Dallas Art Series" or upload your article as “Samuel Lynne Galleries Scholarship Dallas Art Series”.



Write a 250 word article then post your video or article on a personal blog of yours such as Tumblr, Wordpress, Reddit, etc.

Video/Artcile PROMPT:

Who is your favorite artist at Samuel Lynne Galleries, and how does this artist serve to represent the mission of the gallery?

Under the video description or article please
link to:



AND Email us the video or link to the article at: SLGalleriesScholarship@gmail.com



your name, address, phone number, and name of school you attend.

Proof of enrollment. (school id card, transcript: enrollment verification, class schedule etc)




Winner Announcement Date: December 5th, 2023

There will be one winner selected.

Winner will be paid via check by mail.



Please contact us via our contact page or at: SLGalleriesScholarship@gmail.com




Privacy Policy: Samuel Lynne Galleries will never sell/share any information provided by an applicant to 3rd party during the whole process. At the time of the submission deadline, we will evaluate all submissions and contact the winning contestant through the contact information provided by them. 


The winner’s award check will be mailed directly to the financial aid dept. of attended school. By submitting the content, the applicant gives us permission to publish the winner’s content on our site and on our social media channels.



Samuel Lynne Galleries thanks all applicants, and we look forward to giving back a small portion of the support we have received from the Arts Community!









Please follow highlighted links to view Samuel Lynne Galleries' popular artists JD Miller, David Yarrow, and Tyler Shields


1105 Dragon St.
Dallas, TX 75207


1105 Dragon St.
Dallas, TX 75207
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